Envelope Budgeting Graphic

Bringing Simple Envelope-Style Budgeting to Your Phone

RealBudget is a mobile application developed by Limitless Innovative Technologies based off of the envelope budget system. This app was created in order to empower individuals and families with a tool for better money management.

Envelope Budget App Envelopes Screen

RealBudget is designed to bring you the simplest form of money management in the most straightforward way possible. Create monthly budget envelopes, enter transactions, and track how you spend your money each month.

Envelope Budget App Transactions Screen

Take control of your own personal spending or collaborate on a budget with family members across devices. Receive updated budget information in real-time as family members enter transactions.

Envelope Budget App Cash Screen

Through it’s interface and design, RealBudget brings you closer to a physical envelope-style budgeting experience while still getting the benefits of being on your mobile device.

Envelope Budget App Overview Screen

We all know what it takes to start saving money or start reducing debt: spend less than the amount you are bringing in. As simple as it sounds, this can be hard to execute. It is our hope that this app can assist you as you track your spending and that together we can achieve our budgeting goals.

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